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Raoul’s Rescue Mission, a children opera is a short opera based on a children-book by the composer.

The story is to be performed by four singers. Tenor 2 and baritone are doubling roles as shown below and could for example change masks to make clear which character they are playing at any given time. BabySis’ (represented by a doll) 2-bar part, is sung off-stage by the soprano.

Soprano: Mother/BabySis

Tenor 1: Raoul

Tenor 2: Narration/ComeOn/Sewer

Baritone: Father/TomCat/GuardDog

The length is around 25 minutes. The opera is in English, but there are plans to translate it into more languages so it will be suitable for children concerts where the younger children do not understand English.

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The Story...

Raoul's Rescue Mission tells the story of a scared little mouse who is forced to resque his baby sister after she is kidnapped by the mean terrifying neighborhood cat. 

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The Music...

This work hasn't been performed yet, but there is a digital recording that you can listen to below. The singing parts are played back by digital voices as well (so there will be no actual text being sung, only the pitches of the vocal parts will be heard). In case the player below doesn't work, please visit this link to Soundcloud instead: "Raoul's Rescue Mission, a children opera"


The score has been written with a small ensemble in mind. The idea was to create a piece intimate in sound and with the possibility to be performed by smaller orchestras in for example music schools, public schools etc. The number between the brackets in the string section show the minimum needed number of players.

1 Flute (Fl.), 1 Oboe (Ob.), 1 Clarinet in Bb (Cl.), 1 Bassoon (Bsn.)

2 Horns in F (Hns.), 1 Trumpet in Bb (Tpt.), 1 Trombone (Tbn.), 1 Tuba (Tba.)

Percussion: 2 players

Bass Drum (B.D.), Shaker (Shk.), Susp. Cymbal (Susp.Cymb.), Woodblock (W.B.), Xylophone (Xyl.)

1 Harp (Hp.)

1st violins (4 Vln.), 2nd Violins (4 Vln.), Violas (3 Vla.), Cellos (3 Vc.), Basses (2 Cb.)

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